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When Eunique Jones Gibson launched the Because of Them We Can™ campaign on social media in February 2013, she knew that she was taking a significant step toward realizing her dream of inspiring social change. What she didn’t realize was that the project, featuring children posing as notable leaders and civil-rights trailblazers, would change her life.

A successful advertising executive and mom of two boys (Chase and Amari), Eunique dreamed of using her photographs to alter the way people, especially children, saw the world and themselves. “I wanted to create content that I knew had the power to change perspectives, “she says.


“I wanted to create content that I knew had the power to change perspectives.”

—Eunique Jones Gibson


Because of ­ Them We Can™ started with an idea: to inspire her own children. “I knew if I could help broaden the way my sons saw themselves that it could change their world,” she says. “When kids see themselves as these icons, it helps them to re imagine their possibilities.”

It’s a shift in their perspective that can make all the difference, she says. “This isn’t about changing the whole world at once; it’s about changing lots of little worlds, and the good that comes from that.”

Once the 28-day project concluded at the end of Black History Month, Eunique knew she needed to give the idea more time and attention. After discussing the risks with her husband Christopher, Eunique quit her advertising job to devote herself to her dream full time. “We knew that it was riskier not to take the risk,” she says.

Her bold move was not a surprise to those who know her. The youngest of three children raised in Prince George’s County, MD, Eunique credits her parents for her determination. “My parents didn’t believe in limiting us,” she says. “They built our self-esteem and confidence in a way that encouraged us to dream big.”

Now, as a parent and social activist, Eunique does the same. “You cannot be what you cannot see. My goal is to help children dream beyond their realities. If they believe they can, they will.” She is living proof of this lesson: a mother whose passion evolved into a movement, a woman who had a dream and made it happen.

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