Fry In The Sky – America’s best side dish finally gets its due



The humble french fry has been a loyal sidekick of American fare for generations. It has been disregarded as culinary “small potatoes,” maligned as “fattening” and regulated to “on-the-side” status as burgers and shakes take center stage.

The fry’s time has come, thanks to all-natural Alexia Foods. They’ve applied their passion for taste and knowledge of flavor balance to make this fan-favorite even better. Using Beauregard sweet potatoes and perfectly smoked Chipotle peppers, Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries combine sweet and savory to delicious perfection.


Better Health: These smart spuds are all-natural and trans-fat-free. Plus, sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A and are a good source of fiber. Watching calories? When oven-baked, they’re deliciously crisp too.

Bolder Flavor: Foregoing regular salt for the bite of sea salt and zesty chipotle seasoning that complements the sweet potatoes’ natural sweetness, these small fries are big on flavor.

Spotlight Spuds: So long, side dish. Bursting with flavor and naturally delicious, the Spicy Sweet Potato Fry is now the main event: Try them with your favorite dips—like avocado, honey-spice, onion and dill—on the side for added flavor.

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